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Welcome To A Board Meeting

When are meetings?
Board meetings generally occur twice a month on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. in the Administration Center (Central Services). Board meetings generally conclude by 10:30 p.m., but may be shorter or longer. The agenda is posted a minimum of 48 hours in advance, both at the buildings and on this website click here. The public is always welcome to attend Board meetings, and time is set aside for public participation. Audio recordings of every Regular Board meeting are now available via this website click here. The recordings are usually posted within 24-48 hours after the meeting.

What happens at meetings?
Board meetings are working sessions and the Board’s primary obligation is to conduct its business. In order to make sure the Board is able to complete its work, time for public participation is limited.

Closed sessions
The agenda for some meetings may include a closed, or executive, session, during which the Board may consider certain topics such as employment of personnel and student disciplinary cases. Any official action on these matters must be taken in a public meeting. The minutes for closed session will be made public once the reason for confidentiality no longer exists.

If I have a concern, how can I communicate it?
D41 has an open-door policy and welcomes citizen input. If you have a concern about your child or your child’s class, first contact the teacher. From there, contact the building principal. If you feel dissatisfied with the response at the building level, contact the appropriate administrator. If you have a district-wide concern, contact the appropriate administrator or the superintendent directly. If you decide to go directly to the Board, be aware that the Board generally will need time to look into the background and policy implications of the issue before it can act and rarely makes a decision on an issue brought before it for the first time.

Write to the Board
Residents are welcome to write the Board in care of District 41. If your comments are received a week in advance of the meeting, they will be included in the packets that go to the Board members prior to the meeting. If they are received later, they will be provided to the members at the meeting.

Fill out a form
A form requesting a brief outline of the topic you wish to discuss is available here or at the registration table in the Board room. The forms help the district respond or follow up with information at a later date, they provide the district secretary with the correct spelling of names and, in the case of a large number of speakers, help create an orderly process. There are legal reasons why the Board needs to be consistent in its process, even if there is only one person wishing to speak. Residents are asked to limit comments to three minutes. If you wish, you may present only written comments to the Board.