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NCLB and School Choice
updated July 22, 2014

On May 29, 2014 the Illinois State Board of Education received a waiver from No Child Left Behind choice provisions. Therefore, there will be no choice offerings for any Illinois schools for the 2014-15 school year.

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Dear Parent or Guardian,
The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires schools to meet annual achievement targets. Schools receiving federal funding for disadvantaged students (Title I schools) that do not make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two or more consecutive years must offer parents public school choice. Churchill is the only school within the district to receive Title I money, so although we have other schools that have not made AYP, only Churchill must offer a “Choice” option to its families.

Last week, I sent you a letter letting you know that we could not begin the Choice process for this year until we received the state Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reports; these reports were released Saturday, Aug. 10. This letter explains the Choice process for 2013-2014 and provides information related to academic performance.

This year, only Benjamin Franklin School made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and so is the only school to which Churchill students may transfer. If you would like your child to attend Benjamin Franklin, you have until Wednesday, Aug. 28 to return a completed Transfer Form. However, school starts Aug. 26— to ensure we have time to make arrangements in time for the first day, please help us by returning your form by Wednesday, Aug. 21. Transportation will be provided for transferring students.

As you consider this information, please know that Churchill provides a strong learning environment with talented teachers and committed leadership. The success of each child is important to the school, and most children are doing well. The school has the full respect and complete support of the administration and the Board of Education.

How Churchill compares to our other elementary schools: The standard for AYP rises every year; unless the law changes, to make AYP in 2014, 100% of tested students must meet standards in reading and math. Our district and school report cards and the most recent AYP status reports show how Churchill compares to other schools in our district and state. This information will soon be available at the school, at district offices, and on  To make AYP, every reported subgroup within the school must make AYP; there are nine possible subgroups based on gender, ethnicity, limited English and low income; to be reported, there must be a minimum of 45 students within the subgroup at a given school. Churchill has three reported subgroups; two did not make AYP in reading. Abraham Lincoln has two reported subgroups; one did not make AYP in reading. Forest Glen has one reported subgroup; the school did not make AYP in reading or math. Benjamin Franklin has one reported subgroup and did make AYP in reading and math. Only Churchill receives Title I funds and is subject to “Choice.”

Why Churchill is in improvement status/corrective action: Churchill receives federal Title I funds which provide help for disadvantaged students to meet state achievement standards. After two years of not making AYP, it was required to offer public school choice. After four years, (this year) it must begin Corrective Action, meaning it must make greater efforts to improve student achievement.

How is it addressing improvement? Many improvement efforts are being implemented at all our elementary schools, such as teacher training for English Language Learners, teacher specialization, multiage instruction, WIN time, fulltime assistant principals and other strategies. In addition, resources added this year at Churchill include a Dual-Language Kindergarten option, a bilingual interventionist and a fulltime math specialist.

How parents can become involved: Parents can provide important help as the school addresses its academic problems. Research shows that students who are in school every day learn better. Please make sure your child attends school regularly and is on time. Reading at home and doing homework allow children to practice and reinforce skills they have learned during the day. Even if parents do not feel confident helping their children with homework, setting aside time each day with a quiet space in which to work tells your child that school is important to your family.

Information about the transfer form: Students in grades K-5 may transfer to Benjamin Franklin. Please return the transfer form to Nancy Mogk, District 41 Central Services Office, 793 North Main Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. Please return the form whether or not you wish to transfer your child. Requests must be received at the district office by Wednesday, August 28, 2013; because the first day of school is Aug. 26, we would appreciate hearing back from you by Aug. 21.

Whatever decision you may make, we welcome you to a new school year.

Dr. Paul Gordon
Superintendent of Glen Ellyn School District 41

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