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Curriculum Information for Parents

»Parent Guide to Common Core Standards and the PARCC Assessment (January 2015)

As curriculum in District 41 is revised, curriculum information for parents will be placed on the website. Please visit this site throughout the year to look for new information. D41 offers Kindergarten (half-day only) through eighth grade. There is also limited pre-school for eligible children: Pre-K At Risk is a program for children who need early intervention to succeed in school, for example students who are English language learners. Early Childhood Education is a program for children age 3-5 with disabilities.

Teaching and Learning in Glen Ellyn District 41

The following eight principles of best practice are grounded in constructivist learning theory and help guide our curriculum work.
    1. Learning is meaning making.
    2. Prior knowledge guides learning.
    3. The Gradual Release of Responsibility Model and Scaffolded Instruction facilitates learning.
    4. Social collaboration enhances learning.
    5. Learners learn best when they are interested and involved.
    6. The goal of best practices is to develop high-level, strategic readers and writers.
    7. Best practices are grounded in the principle of balanced instruction.
    8. Best practices are a result of informed decision making.

(Morrow, Gambrell, Pressley, 2003)