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Facilities information

Facilities Info

District 41 is committed to providing an appropriate, 21st century learning environment that is safe, well-maintained and well-equipped. We determine facility projects in alignment with our Master Facility Plan and our Long-Range Plan; also, we follow a multi-year roadmap for capital improvements such as repair and replacement of parking lots, heating systems and roofs, and for significant purchases such as classroom furnishings and musical instruments. This systematic approach helps the district foresee large expenditures and ensure that our facilities will continue to be valuable community assets for many years to come.

The district invests considerable resources each year to maintain and improve its buildings. Recent examples of this are the renovation of the Library Media Center at Hadley Junior High and the 21st Century Classroom project.

The district owns seven sites: the five schools, the Central Services Office, and a vacant parcel in the northeast quadrant of the district that was the site of the former Spalding School.

For many years, a school’s worth of students (roughly 500) has been housed in portable classrooms; the district is committed to bringing all children under permanent roof over time. Current planning falls into Phase I, which is underway now, and Phase II, which is in the early planning stage. Phase I is additions to the elementary schools to reduce reliance on portable classrooms. Each elementary school will receive four flexible classrooms and associated spaces. The additions at Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin are expected to be complete in January, 2015; the additions at Churchill and Forest Glen are expected to be complete in August, 2015. The Board of Education has begun discussing Phase II, which addresses the need to eliminate remaining portables and address remaining issues, goals which will probably require passage of a referendum.

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