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Our 2011-2016 Long-Range Plan

“It’s our future...OWN IT!”
That phrase is our short-hand for the district’s 2011-2016 Long-Range Plan. We wanted to give the plan a straightforward name that highlights the role all of us—leaders, staff, students and community members—play in bringing the plan alive,” Our 2006-2012 Long-Range Plan focused on getting fundamentals in place—we met the goals of that plan early and now are ready to deepen and enrich that work. We are poised to become a leading school district and our long-range plan will help us get is our future, and if each one of us will own it we can make that future what we want it to be. 

  • Our Long-Range Plan: how the pieces fit together
  • Our Positive Core: When We Are At Our Best
  • Transformative Actions: those parts of the plan that have the power to transform us
  • The D41 Learner Characteristics: fundamental to everything we do
  • The 2014-15 Annual Report: our annual report to the community.