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Churchill Staff Directory

Scott Klespitz - Principal --- Email
Stacy Onak - Assistant Principal --- Email
Kathy Maxon - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Debbie Proska - School Secretary --- Email

Churchill Elementary School
240 Geneva Road
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 630-790-6485 | Fax: 630-790-6498
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Our teachers are listed alphabetically by Grade/Position. Click column headers to change the sorting view. To view a teacher's web site click the links under Web site
Updated: 8/12/2015 9:57:39 AM
Contact Last NameFirst Name Grade/Level Position
Avalos Imelda Pre-K Bilingual Aide
Streckert Mary Pre-K Social Worker
Jarvis Megan Pre-K Bilingual Spanish
Bustos Kristy Dual Language Kindergarten Bilingual Spanish
Mertz Patricia K Teacher
Birdsell Antonietta 1st Grade Teacher
Cassidy Denise 1st Grade Teacher
  Conrad Jodi 1st Grade/Dual Lang. Teacher
  Crouch Whitney 1st Grade Teacher
Petramale Megan 1st Grade FLES
  Wagner Amy Level 2 Literacy Teacher
  Witte Priscilla Level 2 Literacy Teacher
Dominguez Mayra Bilingual Interventionist Bilingual Spanish
  Doyle Kristy Level 2 Literacy Teacher
  Lazzara Deborah Level 2 STEAM Teacher
  Selzer Susan Level 2 Literacy Teacher
Calderon Jacquelyn 2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher
Velasquez Desiree 2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher
  Agger Denise Level 2 STEAM Teacher
  Ellis Marilyn Level 2 STEAM Teacher
  Ebert Carrie Level 3 Literacy Teacher
  King David Level 3 STEAM Teacher
Medrano Marisela 3rd Grade Bilingual Teacher
  Cortez Jennifer Level 3 Literacy Teacher
  Crifase Nic Level 3 STEAM Teacher
Girling Alison Level 3 STEAM/Literacy Teacher
  Aldrich Dee Dee Level 3 STEAM Teacher
  Payne Dawn Level 3 Literacy Teacher
  Guerrero Nicole Level 3 STEAM Teacher
Jordan Shelley Level 2 STEAM Teacher
  King Kelly Level 3 Literacy Teacher
  Siwicki Christine Multigrade Art Teacher
Couzens Michelle Multigrade Music, Teacher
  Weiland Janet Multigrade Music, Band
  Alemis Georgia Multi-grade Music - Orchestra Dir.
  Harms Rebecca Multi-grade Music - Orchestra
  Barker Brent Multigrade PE Teacher
Erklin Casey K PE Teacher
  Katarzynski Mary Lou Multigrade PE Teacher
Jaddi Saba Multigrade ENL Teacher
Ortiz Rentas Ivette 1st Grade/Dual Lang Teacher
Pfister Janis Multigrade Literacy Specialist
Lynn Rachel Multigrade ENL Teacher
  Van Maanen Grace Multigrade ENL Teacher
Hernandez Claudia Multigrade ELL/Bilingual Aide
Tran Ngo Bao Multigrade ESL Aide
Kroehnke Lisa Multigrade ENL Teacher
Shakil Farkhanda Multigrade ENL Aide
Hildner Lynna Multigrade Math Specialist
Zukauskas Julie Multigrade Special Education
Linkman Peggy Multigrade Special Education
Maywood Minnie Multigrade Bilingual Special Education
  Clegg Nicki Multigrade Library Media Specialist
Capiro Jill Multigrade Library Media Aide
  Allen Tami Multigrade AEC Teacher
Magana Veronica Multigrade Psychologist
Wenzlaff Julie Multigrade Social Worker
Flowers Virginia Multigrade Social Worker
Ponce Camille Multigrade Speech Pathologist
Alswede Kelly Multigrade Instructional Aide
Flinn Joshua Multigrade Instructional Aide
Watkins Grace Multigrade Instructional Aide
Froman Gayle Multigrade Reading/Math Assistant
Casas Janice Multigrade Reading Assistant
Lapacek Robin Multigrade Reading Assistant
Naples Amy Multigrade Reading Assistant
Wozniak Brooke Multigrade Reading Assistant
Steinhilber Julie K Teacher
Montgomery-Fate Carol Pre-K Parent Ed
Woltman Jeanine Pre-K Parent Ed
Mazza Mary Ellen Multigrade Special Ed Aide
Benhart Megan Multigrade Special Ed Aide
Tresch Dawn Multigrade Special Ed Aide
Wade Precious Multigrade Special Ed Aide
Medrano Luis Multigrade Tech Support
  Connolly Nancy Multigrade Health, Nurse
  Rio Claudia Multigrade Health, Aide
Ventura Erick   Custodian - Head
Marko Dhimitraq   Custodian - Night
Jorgi Kristaq   Custodian
Escobar Hernandez Gabriela Multigrade Spanish Home School Liaison
  Wheeler Kayla Multigrade PBL Coach
Kellam Christina Multigrade PBL Coach
Moore Keri Multigrade OT